Polished v1.8 - Обновлённая тема WordPress от ElegantThemes

Polished v1.8 тема WordPress от ElegantThemes

Обновлённая версия темы оформления WordPress Polished


Все изменения:

version 1.8
- ePanel updated with logo/favicon upload features
- Dummy content import integrated into theme
* epanel/
* sampledata/sample.xml

version 1.7
- Added the ElegantThemes Shortcodes Collection
* /epanel/

version 1.6
- Updated all theme files to allow for the create of child themes.
- Removed tables from the reset in style.css
- updated timthumb.php to the latest version

version 1.5
- Fixed problem with unused images in stye.css. Also removed readmore button from static homepage.
* style.css
* includes/homepage_content.php

version 1.4
- Updated ePanel and custom functions for WordPress 3.0

version 1.3
- Fixed thumbnail issue on post pages
* includes/entry.php

version 1.2
- added fix for wordpress 3.0 beta
* epanel/custom_functions.php

version 1.1.5
- Fixed problem with duplicate featured articles.

version 1.1.4:
- Fixed a problem with the lavalamp image on the homepage.

version 1.1.3:
- Fixed a problem with the navigation menu on sub-pages.

version 1.1.2:
- Fixed a problem with static homepage titles

version 1.1:
- Fixed IE6/7 issues with navbar/slider.
- Edited style.css, header.php and ie7style.css


Polished v1.8 | 2.51 MB:


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0Гость29.01.2012 16:54#1
Добрый день!

А вы бы не могли обновить данную тему? Добавить страницы: контакты, портфолио и т.п

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