Memovie v1.2.0 - обновлённый шаблон Joomla! от GavickPro

Обновлённая версия шаблона для Joomla! 1.5 Memovie




  • Fixed Joomla! problem with JCaption on some subpages
  • Option for showing login/register button was removed - now popups are depends only from the module loaded on the login/regiser posiion
  • Added option to show register button only for unregisered users
  • register form as a module (mod_gk_register)
  • problem with megamenu animation - padding moved from .gk-megamenu .childcontent-inner-wrap to .gk-megamenu .childcontent-inner
  • Typography fixed - now all typography classes starts with "gk_" prefix
  • Fixed problems with changing colors of the buttons when template style is changed
  • New menu structure in the quickstart
  • Quickstart updated to Joomla! 1.5.17
  • Support for NSP GK4
  • Chrome Frame Support
  • IE CSS
  • IE6 bar
  • iPad detection
  • Customized offline page
  • Customized error page




Memovie: шаблон v1.2.0 | быстрый старт | расширения | psd - исходники | 39 MB

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