Dominion v1.5.5 - шаблон Joomla!

Dominion v1.5.5 - шаблон Joomla!

Обновлённый шаблон Joomla! Dominion




Version: 1.5.5

  • Fixed content bottom modules not displaying properly in some instances.
  • Fixed incorrect order in content descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect image reference
  • Various IE7 fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed js error in the template administration in IE
  • Various IE fixes and tweaks in template admnistration

Changed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_dominion_j15 directory upon installation:

  • /templateDetails.xml
  • /component.php
  • /css/template.css
  • /css/template-ie7.css
  • /css/joomla.css
  • /html/com_content/frontpage/default_item.php
  • /lib (replace the entire /lib directory to implement all the latest gantry updates and fixes)


Dominion v1.5.5:

шаблон v1.5.5 | быстрый старт (quickstart) | расширения | png - исходники | 16.68 MB

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