myStore v2.0.1 - Обновлённый шаблон Joomla от GavickPro

myStore v2.0.1 - Обновлённый шаблон Joomla

Обновлённая версия шаблона для Joomla 1.5 myStore




  • fixed problem with too small buttons when text inside is longer
  • fixed problem with unvisible cart module when tools and login/register modules are disabled
  • fixed problem with section blog layout article links
  • fixed problem with user reset confirm layout
  • fixed problem with counting items in the cart when more than one cart are enabled on subpage

Changed files:

  • css/vm/vm_major.css
  • html/com_content/section/blog_item.php
  • html/com_user/reset/confirm.php
  • js/gk.script.js
  • layouts/blocks/toolbar.php




myStore v2.0.1 | 24.3 MB:

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